Research Areas

NeuroCure will receive further funding within the Excellence Strategy starting in 2019.
In the new funding period the cluster brings together 25 excellent scientists with state-of-the-art expertise in selected research areas that have the potential to transform basic and translational neuroscience.
In line with our commitment to narrow the current gap between basic and clinical neuroscience and thereby to promote the development of successful therapies and diagnostic tools, we will provide tailored programs and create new structures designed to support collaboration and facilitate exchange of expertise and methodologies between basic researchers and clinicians.
In the future we will concentrate on collaborative projects in three areas of neuroscience research: development, maintenance, and aging. Our focus will not be restricted to a specific brain disease; rather, our overarching aim is to elucidate the overlapping pathophysiological processes that are common across multiple neurological and psychiatric disorders.

These research areas will be flanked by newly established translational modules: BrainLab will provide researchers with increased patient access, including access to inpatients with acute and severe brain disorders; SPARK aims to accelerate and improve the translational process; VOS – Value and Open Science strengthens the predictive power of our research and thereby improves the translational pipeline.
With the integration of new researchers into the highly collaborative NeuroCure research environment, supplemented by the generation of new programs and structures designed specifically to facilitate the application of relevant advances to the clinical setting, we hope to lead our research towards the forefront in translational neuroscience.