CDS online - Dr. Eileen Schormann

The career development lunchtime seminars will continue online given the current COVID-19 situation. The next talk in the Career Development lunchtime seminar series will take place on Wednesday, July 1st 2020 at 12:15 pm
Please use this link to join:

Our invited speaker for the day Dr. Eileen Schormann, Medical Liaison Manager at Novartis will give an intriguing talk about her career path after obtaining her PhD degree and towards becoming a Medical Liaison Manager: "Opportunities and Challenges upon Transition from PhD to Big Pharma; Medical Liaison Management at the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Join us for an exciting and interactive talk. We appreciate your attendance and participation.

MedNeuro students will get 0.1 credit points for each seminar attendance. According to the participant lists, the students will be able to collect the respective stickers upon request.

Please spread the word.

Kind regards,
The Career Development Initiative team

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